Are you motivated to change? Motivation to change is the greatest indicator of success in therapy. This combined with the therapeutic relationship with your counselor and the amount of reflection and ‘work’ you engage in between sessions will set you up for success in accomplishing your goals.

Below are frequently recommended books to be used as an adjunct to therapy. I hope you find this list to be valuable in your life’s journey!

Managing Anxiety

Healing from Trauma/PTSD

Overcoming OCD

Strategies for Couples

Anger Management

Positive Self-Talk

Understanding SELF

Borderline Personality Disorder

Dealing with Divorce

Understanding Codependency

Healing Depression

Overcoming Addiction

Understanding Narcissism

Navigating Life Transitions

Embracing Perfectionism

Practicing Mindfulness

This is a growing work in progress. Feel free to send me your overall thoughts about recommended books, learned strategies you find most helpful from the books, or share your personal favorites with me using my contact form! I love when clients recommend a book they have found to be helpful, but I do always read them myself before adding it to my recommended reading list. :)

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