Comparing yourself to others has become a regular drill.

Going a day or even an hour without exposure to some form of social media, printed ad, or commercial is impossible. The images of ‘picture perfect’ bodies and sales pitches about quick diets and the ideal exercise are everywhere.

You have become obsessed with pursuing a specific physique, which may involve unhealthy weight and shape ideals. You associate a particular body type with popularity, success, and attention.

Sure that others are judging you…

Judging your appearance and what you put in your mouth can make you feel you live in a glass bubble.

Thoughts are dominated by food and how you look. You count your calories, weigh yourself daily, scrutinize your image in the mirror, and the negative self-talk is constant. Countless hours are spent preoccupied with thoughts about your body, the foods you are consuming, and feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

The cycle is mentally exhausting and physically draining. The secrets kept protecting your eating disorder leave you feeling isolated and alone.

Your focus has become small, and you feel confined. 

Parting ways with your eating disorder can feel scary.

This is true, especially if it’s been your primary way of self-soothing or means of taking control of your life. You may feel the eating disorder has provided you with safety and comfort, and it may seem terrifying to lose that piece of control.

In reality, when you are living with an eating disorder, you are not in control at all. Your behaviors are actually controlling you.

It’s important to know that eating disorders are an illness – and they are treatable. Support is essential to help manage emotions and curb harmful behaviors quickly – and hopefully circumvent any serious health complications.

Starting therapy is the first step in taking care of you.

Counseling is the most efficient and effective way to break free of restricted thinking and controlled behaviors.

Whether you are ready to make changes, thinking about change, wondering about disordered eating, or concerned about your relationship with food and your body, we can help.

Give us a call at (602) 999-8245, so we can regain your control on life the right way, together!

Food is fuel, not therapy.