As a parent, you worry more than your teen likely knows.

As your once innocent child grows into the next stage of life, they experience many hurdles and leave you wondering…

My teen spends all day staring at screens and seems so lonely, angry, and depressed – how do I get them to open up instead of shutting me out?

My teen is vaping, using weed, and thinks it is ok to stay awake most of the night and sleep the day away – what can I do to regain some control?

My teen has stopped doing schoolwork; getting them to class is now a daily struggle. I think they are being bullied; they have so much anxiety about everything, and I’m petrified they might harm themselves – how on earth can I help them through this??

It’s agonizing to see your teen going through hard times.

This is your kid, your baby. Parents get a reputation for being disconnected from their teen’s struggles, but this is just not true. You are as involved in your teen’s life as much as they’ll let you, but you still struggle to understand what is going on and how to best help.

Social media influences, technology dependence, and academic pressures all take a toll on young people’s mental health. Kids today have access to more info than anyone other generation. They are smart and may even believe they are better informed than their parents, but their self-esteem, identity, and self-worth are constantly being tested because of social media.

When teens are struggling, parents are struggling, and therapy can help.

Teens need an unbiased third party who they feel is on their side – someone they can trust to talk about the hard stuff that may be too embarrassing to discuss with their parents. Sometimes, teens need to talk about their parents.

As their therapist, we work to make your teen feel heard and build trust without sending them messages like ‘yeah, your parents suck.’

Teens need resiliency to prepare them to address future challenges and become successful adults. Therapy will help them develop that resiliency, focus on their strengths, and recognize their innate abilities.

We will teach your teenager the skills needed to manage tough emotions. We’ll also help them to figure out how to open up and talk to you about their struggles so you can rebuild the closeness you once had together.

Don’t avoid getting help for your teen out of pride, shame, or fear.

Listen to your parental instincts – they usually aren’t wrong. We’ve both raised children personally, now off to college and beyond, so we speak from a place of genuine understanding.

Let us help you by guiding your teen through their struggles. Together, we will build awareness, gain insight through self-reflection, better understand behaviors, and manage them to achieve whatever life goals they may have.

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