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a whole new outlook on life

I have recommended and will continue to recommend Molly to anyone as a compassionate and excellent therapist. I went to Molly during a major life crisis, and from the moment I walked in her office I knew I would be ok. She is an excellent therapist that helped me turn a very tough situation 100% around. She used EMDR with me and I cannot recommend EMDR enough. I credit it, along with Molly and hard work from myself with her guidance, for giving me a whole new outlook on life in a tough situation. I have moved forward with confidence, happiness and serenity thanks to my work with Molly. ~ Cami

skilled and dedicated to helping

There are so many therapists out there but finding the RIGHT one is the key to whether or not your experience with therapy is a positive one AND a successful one. Molly Mahoney is one of the best therapists I have had the pleasure of collaborating with. She has a wide range of experience working with a variety of ages and treating all different concerns that come up in therapy. She is compassionate and gentle in her approach while remaining professional and focused with her clients. Molly is well-respected in the field and comes highly recommended by many of our colleagues. There may be many therapists to choose from but few who are as skilled and dedicated to helping their clients as Molly. ~ L. Rayball, LMFT

lasting positive changes

Molly is an amazing therapist! She is so knowledgeable, so kind, so patient, and puts you at ease which allows for true therapeutic results to occur. I’m so grateful for ALL she has done for me…. listening, understanding, guiding, and helping me find the tools I needed to make lasting positive changes in my life. ~ Michelle

knowledge of anxiety and OCD

I have had several clients who I have referred to Molly. I have to say she is the complete package. She knows her stuff! She is a natural, communication with me is great… I always know how my clients are doing as she is a team player. My clients have ALL responded favorably to Molly, they feel safe with Molly and are never dissatisfied. Her knowledge of anxiety and OCD and clinical skills have helped my eating disorder clients in more ways than I can count. ☆☆☆☆☆ ~ K. Sinner, MS, RDN/LDN, CEDRD

has the gift of connection

Finding a therapist that is the right fit can be at times a difficult journey. With Molly Mahoney, MSW, LCSW, you not only get a therapist who is incredibly knowledgeable and effective but one who has the gift of connection. With Molly’s approachable and warm personality, she helps clients to safely bring down the walls to access the stuff that needs to be released. I can’t recommend Molly enough for her professional devotion to helping others and her personal character. ~ C. Karakey, MC, LPC

helped me feel confident

Molly was my clinical supervisor when I started on my path to become independently licensed. She encouraged me and helped me feel confident as a new therapist. Molly is kind, supportive, patient, and helpful. ~ O. Gutierrez, LCSW