– EMDR Therapy Can Bridge The Gap –

You hear it deep down inside… “I’m not good enough.”

You have many positive beliefs about yourself and your capabilities to do great things, but there is still this nagging from within that you aren’t capable, you’ll mess it up, something bad will happen.

These feelings aren’t unreasonable either. You’ve experienced pain and shame and disappointment before, so it’s only logical to hold onto these fears for protection, right?

However, this repetitive negative thinking loop is trapping you and holding you back!

While it is smart to learn from our past in order to know better in our present and future, certain things hurt us so deep that we don’t process and heal fully. Those wounds are embedded and continue to be a disservice to us even as we try to move forward in spite of their pain.

EMDR therapy allows the brain to reprocess emotional injuries and truly release them.

Change past hurts and core beliefs with EMDR Therapy

These deeps traumas which have led to adverse thoughts about yourself can be redirected into helpful core beliefs using this breakthrough technique. With that, the emotional reactivity to your triggers will be reduced – they may even produce an overall sense of calm because your mindset about the experience is so different from before!

EMDR therapy is not just for big traumas, but for any adverse event that leaves you feeling less than.

Let me reiterate… EMDR works wonders on discovering and reworking even small past hurts you may not even realize are still affecting you now!

Life is full of disappointments and tough feelings – grief, breakups, bullying, poor grades, negative critiques, rejections, loss and so much more. All of these events and emotions work to reinforce negative thoughts about yourself. Over time, this can lead to depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, and can hijack your ability to go after opportunities in life.

Don’t be trapped by your history any longer.

Unravel these events using EMDR so you can learn and grow – and finally be free from unhelpful thoughts. The memories of the events are still with you, but how you feel about yourself in relation to that event or series of events will be altered for the better. You can learn more about EMDR therapy here.

Transform your life experiences into HELPFUL core beliefs!

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