Your thoughts are a tangled mess, and rules confine your behaviors…

Eyes open after restless sleep consumed by persistent fear and worry. Your brain tries to ponder the priorities of the day but is urgently interrupted by jumping thoughts. Thoughts are so troubling and scary they rob you of time, reality, and authentic connection.

There is so much uncertainty with everything, such as checking the outlets, the expiration dates, and the refrigerator door. You wonder if you understand your own sexuality or your partner’s true feelings. It’s exhausting evaluating conversations to determine if you said something wrong or perhaps offended someone.

Many of these thoughts can be hectic and brutal… such as improper thoughts and/or horrific scenes playing out in your head at random times. You fear you must be evil or crazy!

OCD knots your thoughts and fills you with fear and dismay.

The irrational fears shift over time and attach to what you care about most in life. OCD latches onto the most unhelpful thoughts at the most unhelpful time. Nothing ever feels just right.

Anxiety and shame are constantly present. You engage in rituals with a false promise that the anxiety will be alleviated.

So many rules and restrictions cause friction in your relationships. You are not present. OCD has robbed you of the ability to connect with someone because fear has taken up too much space.

Deep down, you know your fears are irrational. But the more you seek reassurance or investigate, the more anxious you feel. You scrutinize every thought, feeling, behavior, and sensation.

OCD is a thief of your time, energy, sleep, connections, and so much more.

The obsession is a misinterpretation of thoughts… The compulsion is an alluring trap.

When fear and anxiety are heightened, a behavioral or mental ritual may seemingly offer a sense of certainty and calm. This ritual is known as a compulsion.

But this feeling of certainty isn’t authentic and is short-lived. The ritual is reinforcing and making the fear stronger.

So, the compulsion is not the solution – it cannot be an option.

Movies depict OCD as a disorder of perfectionists, germaphobes, and the quirky.

OCD is a disorder of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Relief comes from understanding the fear is a false dilemma.

We will show you a new way to think about the fears using something called Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy. You will learn that your thoughts don’t mean something horrible about you and that they won’t actually happen. You’ll gain an understanding of which thoughts require exploration and which are better left without emotion attached. This will unburden your mind.

OCD is not your fault. If you want to be free from OCD, you can be!

To break free of OCD, you must be willing to let go of your fear cycle… the result will be an untangled mind and time spent unburdened by compulsions. You will feel present in your life, present in your relationships, and you will feel joy.

If you are ready to take your life back from the tangled mess of OCD, we are here to help you.

Don’t obsess about making the phone call… just reach out at (602) 999-8245, and we’ll set up a no-pressure initial appointment.

We promise that the freedom from releasing the ODC cycle will be well worth the journey!