“To do two things at once is to do neither.”

– Publilius Syrus

You run from one obligation to another…

A fast pace and busy schedule are how you feel accomplished and maybe even envied by others.

You believe you are an efficient multi-tasker, but you feel run down and distracted more and more. You are preoccupied with thoughts about the future and past, are increasingly inefficient, and often stressed.

This ‘automatic pilot’ way of living robs you of your values, realization of joy, and meaning behind life events.

Peace comes from the present moment.

The word mindfulness is popping up everywhere! What does it mean exactly?

Mindfulness is an ideal state of mind that helps the human mind remain calm, aware, and present. It is a non-reactive, nonjudgmental awareness that arises through paying attention. This allows us to be more effective and compassionate, in touch with our inner wisdom and purpose.

With mindfulness comes increased acceptance and more responsiveness in our relationships. 

You already have the skill of mindfulness,

…but it can be strengthened and cultivated with practice, just like any other skill. Honing this skill will increase understanding and compassion for yourself as your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and physical state increases.

The understanding gained from mindfulness gives you choices and the time to make them.

  • Once you understand your motivations, you can then more easily decide how to act.
  • Once you understand your sensitivities, you can more easily notice when they are triggered.
  • Once you understand your reactions, you can learn to become less reactionary.

Mindfulness is an ability that can be mastered!

You can become proficient in mindfulness with practice and guidance.

We will help you develop this amazing talent so that you can embrace a new relationship to the challenges in your life and find underlying peace. Even long-standing problems can be transformed with greater awareness, compassion, and patience.

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