The resentment you’ve been carrying is about to boil over!

As your hands submerge in the dishwater, your chest fills with hot anger, and your face flushes. How many times this week will it all fall to you?

You do so much every day – getting through work, trudging through errands and chores, ensuring everyone around you is safe, secure, and relatively happy (everyone except you, that it is). You’re exhausted. All you want is a little acknowledgment.

You love your family, you’re happy to take care of them, but this Cinderella experience is wearing thin. Surely, your partner sees all of your efforts and will reward you for them with a little love and affection.

But love and tenderness have become strangers in your home.

You can’t remember the last time he came up behind you to kiss your neck just because. Or call you during the day to hear your voice. If he calls at all, it’s only to remind you to pick up his clothes at the dry cleaners.

You’re both burnt out because all your efforts go anywhere and everywhere except into your relationship. Communication has slowed to a cool trickle except for when it flashes into sudden explosive fights over nothing. Dishes. Something’s gotta give.

3 Modes of Expressing AngerYou CAN recover what you once had!

There’s still so much love and life between you, but life can get in the way without the right tools. A healthy relationship full of love with good communication is possible with commitment and work from both sides.

Here’s a quick one-sheet guide that can help you get started on effective communications. It sure looks simple enough, but the reality is that it is hard work and takes effort and commitment. The good news is that you really can do this!

Often, couples NEED HELP from a therapist to reclaim love again.

In the safe space of therapy, you and your partner can unwind some of the past resentments and learn how to communicate your needs without things devolving into a fight. You’ll learn to resolve conflict in a way that brings you closer together – strengthening your connection and intimacy with each obstacle you overcome as a couple.

Conflict is inevitable. It helps you grow, but the way you manage it dramatically affects your life and the enjoyment of your everyday experience. I’ve helped so many couples through their marital struggles to discover the relationship of their dreams.

Get your attentive and loving partner back – and experience that butterfly tingle of excitement once again. You were married for a reason. You shouldn’t have to drown in loneliness. Stop suffering and reclaim your joy. You deserve nothing less. Call (602) 329-0483 to schedule your free consultation!