Lisa Elsbecker LPC Scottsdale

Meet Lisa Elsbecker, LPC

Therapy is a form of self-care that everyone should have access to.

Just like when we perform routine maintenance for our teeth, eyes, and body – we should provide similar attention to caring for our mental health.

When we enter therapy, we enter a safe place free from judgment. This space is where you get to go to simply be human; where there are no expectations and no performance metrics to be met.

When I think of being in session with my own therapist, it feels like home to me. I feel like I could lay down and take a nap and know I’m safe. I strive to create that same safe and welcoming environment for my clients because I know that therapy can benefit everyone.

It is simply a matter of having the desire to improve your life and then being courageous enough to come in and do the work!

My path to becoming a therapist…

I started as a 4th and 5th-grade teacher after getting my teaching degree in Early Childhood Education from ASU. Then, following the loss of my son to addiction, I decided to move away from my 13-year teaching career and enter the mental health field as a means to help families in a similar situation to my own. I graduated with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Capella in 2016 and began this new life path helping both inpatient and outpatient clients at treatment centers in and around Phoenix, including Calvary Healing Center and The Meadows.

Addiction is a family disease; meaning it doesn’t only affect the one individual with the addiction, the other family members feel the shockwaves too. My family continues to feel the impact of losing our son 11 years ago, so it is meaningful to me to help others avoid that struggle. I am honored to be able to combine my personal experience with the clinical background to enable families to better support the recovery of their loved ones. I am equally devoted to helping individuals with their recovery and personal growth journeys.

A few of the areas I choose to treat:

Throughout my career as a counselor, I have worked extensively with anxiety, perfectionism, shame and guilt, eating disorders, codependency/enmeshment/enabling, boundaries, communication, ADHD, failure to launch, and, last but certainly not least, addictions.

I am well-versed in treating all types of addictions. I know you may not think of certain “everyday” things as addictive, but anything we can use to cope with can be addictive. Process behaviors start with everyday tasks that lead to behavioral addictions, obsessions, compulsions, and dependency… such as perfectionism, overworking, exercising, controlling food intake, video games and social media, television, gambling, shopping, and sex. 

Nobody fits into a box!

My approach to therapy is based on the understanding that each individual is unique, so I choose from a variety of modalities to come up with a customized treatment plan. Depending on your needs, I may utilize aspects of Family Systems Therapy, CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, Post Induction Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Experiential Therapy, and Mindfulness Techniques.

I am happy to treat teens 13+, adults, and seniors to 100+! And, while I will absolutely support you as an individual, please know that I am also very willing to offer therapy to families who are working to support a loved one going through a difficult struggle. This often includes working with parents on how to improve communication, boundaries, roles within the family, parenting styles, how to support but not enable children, and how to encourage recovery.

Through our sessions, we will work to identify potential contributing factors to your current areas of focus and work on a plan to address them, all while becoming more mindful and working to develop healthy boundaries and greater self-confidence along the way.

 A few fun facts about me:

Walking, and exercise in general, is my outlet – I even participate in half-marathons.

I have 2 grown daughters and 2 stepchildren, and I love my blended family!! Plus, I have 4 granddaughters that I am quite obsessed with. <3

My husband, Dave, and I just invited a mini golden-doodle, named Milo into our home – it’s just like being a new parent all over again!


I would love to connect with you for a complimentary consultation if you feel I would be a good fit to help you on your road to recovery. Please call (602) 999-8245 to schedule a time.

Lisa Elsbecker LPC Scottsdale

“The words you speak become the house you live in.”

– Hafiz