Thoughts are not facts – we have to learn which to engage with and which to let go by like a passing cloud.

We tend to get buried under emotions… fear, shame, self-doubt, and uncertainty. It can get to where carrying all these scary emotions feels way too heavy.

Therapy is about learning how to manage these emotions and knowing that they are OK to have sometimes. It is about helping people believe in themselves again – or for the very first time.

So, when is it time to seek therapy?

When the burdensome emotions have affected your life negatively, and the coping mechanisms are no longer working as effectively as they once did – that is the time. Maybe they are even causing their own set of negative consequences – and feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm seem to be regular occurrences.

You finally decide that you want to work on understanding the obstacles, set attainable goals, and manifest a healthy, joyful life.

You realize you need to make some changes and are unsure where to start.

By exploring your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors…

You can gain a deeper understanding of your inherent strengths and what motivates you. Uncover the barriers that have been holding you back. And learn to better cope with and respond to life’s never-ending challenges.

With therapy, you will experience healing inner growth, a renewed sense of energy and hope, improved quality of life overall. Finally, see yourself the way other people see you – your positives, your gifts, your potential.

Deciding to begin therapy is not an easy one.

But the therapeutic process can help you understand the reason for your symptoms and behaviors, and assist you in making desired changes.

My perspective is strength-based; and my approach is warm, respectful, and empathetic. I will support you throughout the challenges but will also push you towards recognizing your strengths and successes.

I am dedicated to providing you with the most effective treatment strategies to allow you to transcend past the fear of change and into clarity, hope, and empowerment.

I am here to meet you wherever you are on your journey.

Fun Facts About Me…

I grew up visiting family in Cape Cod and developed a love of sailing.

Before work each day, I walk my Labrador and generally wind up carrying my Frenchie.

I am a twin, and I have two sets of twin boys – you should see the looks we get around town!

I took this picture! — >

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Growing up, I knew I wanted to be in the medical field – focusing on the emotional components of a person’s health. As a focused and driven individual, I achieved my goal and have now been licensed and experienced in mental health for over 23 years.

My experience at The Mayo Clinic early in my career provided me a unique perspective on issues related to illness, grief, and loss. Working with employee assistance broadened my interest in perfectionism, anxiety/depression, addictions, and relationships.

My own life experiences led me to delve further into the specialties of OCD and family dynamics. In 2015, I earned an advanced certification in Marriage and Family Therapy. I completed Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) training with the IOCD Foundation in 2016.

Another complement to my arsenal is Eye Movement & Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. It is an effective modality for processing past traumas and in treating a variety of issues. Incorporating various treatment modalities is essential because each person has unique therapeutic needs.

One of my mantras is, “I’m going to believe in you until you believe in yourself.” I want to celebrate your wins and help you recognize the amazing person you are.

If you think I sound like the kind of person you want to open up to, please don’t hesitate to contact me!