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Under the mask you portray…

…with your public-facing persona may lie a pool of muddy thoughts, intrusive questions, and uncomfortable feelings.

A busy brain can make you question what you’ve accomplished – or even if you’re worthy of having a happy life.

Scary thoughts go round and round, making each day more challenging than you want.

Clarity is what you need.

But it is out of your grasp. Hard work – at your job, in your relationship, and on yourself – doesn’t seem to get you anywhere.

Uncertainty is your companion.

That voice in your head is relentlessly critical.

Those goals and dreams you have – are you even good enough to achieve them or is it selfish even to want them?

When everything we do feels like work…

…and things are no longer joyful, it’s natural to begin to isolate and even self-sabotage. We lose trust in ourselves and stop producing and engaging.

We can feel sad, depleted, hopeless, psychically unwell, and just plain tired.

We hope to find a magic pill to make it all go away.

Everyone develops coping strategies – but over time, you may find they are no longer working and have negative consequences. Perhaps that is why you are here today.

What do you see in your reflection?

Are you a seemingly small person who envisions greatness? Or are you unable to see your abundant potential and instead visualize a diminutive reflection of your true self?

Some of us can’t see their own greatness… or do, but don’t know how to get there.

Therapy can help you recognize your best self and the courage for you to achieve it!

Live to a new way of thinking. Think to a new way of living.

Theologian Henri Nouwen once said, “You don’t think your way into a new kind of living. You live your way into a new kind of thinking.” However, that is not the case for everyone.

Some individuals do indeed need to think less and employ more action, while others need to think more (and differently) to generate better actions in their lives.

We have to first cultivate awareness…

…of the behaviors or thoughts causing difficulties and keeping us stuck in our lives.

We then have to relate to the patterns in new ways. And, finally, we have to heal what is at the root, step out of the perceived comfort zone (aka fear), and work on changing those self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

Only then can you realize your full potential, experience freedom from anxieties and compulsions, and reestablish connection and trust with yourself and others.

The things you learn in therapy can
change your life if you let it!!

Do not be the person who waits for the bottom to fall out and be left holding a mess.

Take positive action before things get to that point.

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